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CamBump IconCamBump is the essential app for the Cambridge college rowing community. Whether you are a rower, cox, coach, spectator, fan, or alum, CamBump delivers the information you need. Rowers, coxes, and coaches rely on instant-access CUCBC flag status and weather conditions. Coaches and spectators alike use the moving map to track boats on the water. And everyone loves watching live and historical bumps results for Lent and May Bumps, and listening to CamFM live!

CamBump is free on the iOS App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is free on the Android Play Store for all Android devices. For those of you with other devices, the CamBump mobile website is available at cambump.feathersquare.com. This version is still in beta testing, and more details are available here.

River Conditions Screenshot

River Conditions

The river conditions page is the heart of the CamBump app for rowers, coaches, and coxes. It quickly displays the current CUCBC flag status, an indicator of river safety. It also features current weather observations and lighting up and lighting down times.

Tapping the weather observations shows a three-day forecast — vital for determining whether it will be “gilet weather” this week.

If you need a refresher on safety rules, tapping on a flag will display the coxing, spinning, and crew restrictions associated with that flag status.

The main page also allows you to listen to CamFM, Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin’s excellent student radio station, live within the app. In addition to reporting the bumps races live, CamFM provides fantastic year-round entertainment for the greater Cambridge community.

Historical Bumps Screenshot

Live and Historical Bumps

A highlight of CamBump for spectators and fans alike, the live bumps view provides up-to-the-minute results during Lent and May Bumps as provided by CamFM. The historical bumps views put today’s bumps race in context, and showcase the epic journeys undertaken by clubs over recent years.

Live and historical bumps are presented in an easy-to-follow format, with instantly recognizable college icons soaring through the triumphs and tribulations of bumps races. Tapping on an icon displays the boat’s name and highlights its journey through the years.

The bumps charts scroll and zoom naturally, and historical bumps charts are stored offline, so you can brag about your “blades” years whether you have an internet connection or not.

Erg Recorder Screenshot

Erg Recorder

For the hundreds of college rowers who are more familiar with their erg buddies than their tutors, CamBump‘s erg recorder is one of its most popular features.

The easy-to-use recorder allows you to enter as much or as little information as you’d like about each workout: time, distance, split, rate, and text note. The erg recorder also has full interval support. Workouts are stored locally on your phone, and can be amended or deleted at any time.

You can e-mail individual workouts or your whole record to yourself or your coach. The e-mail contains not only easily-readable text within the message body, but also an attached .csv file that can be opened by any spreadsheet software, so you can track your progress over time.

Blades Chart Screenshot

Blades Chart and More

Whether you are a first-time spectator or a supporter trying to decipher the pictures your rowing friends are posting on their preferred social network, CamBump‘s Blade Colours Chart will eliminate any doubt about the target of your cheers or jeers.

The Blade Colours Chart features every boat club currently active in Lent and May Bumps. Bumps chart icons are displayed here as well, to emphasize the concordance between blade and icon and remind you of who to look for on the charts.

And of course, we endeavour to add more features with every release. If you have a great idea for our next release, do get in contact by e-mailing us!

Compatible with iPad

Since version 2.0, CamBump is a universal app, compatible with the iPad, the iPhone 5, and the latest iPod Touch models. So if you want to track your Boat Club’s victory on the big screen, look no further!

CamBump iPad

Download Now – Free!

CamBump is available for free on the iOS App Store. Just click here and try it out yourself! We’re sure you’ll love it, but if you have any questions or suggestions for the next version, don’t hesitate to get in touch by e-mailing us at: cambump.support@feathersquare.com.


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